Recessed Lighting

The OnePass® system provides a full-featured three-phase wiring solution for lighting. It is ideal for wiring lay-in troffers, parabolic lighting, downlights, indirect fixtures and emergency lighting.

Open-Ceiling Lighting

Traditional hardwiring requires three or more passes to install conduit, pull wire and hang fixtures. The OnePass® system with three-phase wiring, requires only three basic components and one pass of cables.

Integrated Lighting Controls

Approved for integrated Class I and Class II wiring, RELOC® wiring combined with the modular power pack easily integrates with Acuity Brands controls systems. CAT5e and low-voltage wiring can also be strapped externally to the RELOC wiring.

Access Floor
Access Floors

The RELOC® Raised Floor System products make the installation of power wiring fast, easy and economical. Components are easily relocated, reconfigured and/or scaled based on changing needs of the occupants.


RELOC® Wiring Solutions offers a complete plug-and-play wiring solution for retail environments, from the breaker panel to the power receptacle, including a full line of power poles and multi-outlet assemblies.


OnePass® cables with the HCF option meet NEC 517.13(A) and (B) — requiring redundant ground paths for patient care areas in healthcare facilities.