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RELOC, the leader in modular wiring, offers lowest total job cost vs. traditional wiring methods.


RELOC modular wiring solutions for lighting control and power distribution systems provide numerous advantages to contractors, building owners and facility managers. The system's pre-manufactured plug-and-play components quickly snap together, significantly reducing time and labor costs at installation. This equates to a lower total job cost and reduced construction-cycle time.

Secondly, the system is completely flexible so that occupants can reconfigure the modular wiring systems in office, educational facility, warehouse, manufacturing, retail and countless other applications.  The sustainable, reusable and relocatable nature of the system makes additions and changes fast and easy.

Additionally, RELOC wiring offers tax savings when qualifying as personal property instead of real property. The RELOC industry-leading assortment of integrated controls wiring products take the RELOC value proposition to a whole new level.