Connecting Lighting and Controls

Easy Project Management

Staying on schedule and under budget is tougher than ever. Every job demands wiring solutions that reduce installation time and adapt to changes, whether they occur during construction or after a building is occupied. RELOC® solutions snap together in a fraction of the time it takes to wire a fixture with MC cable.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are all OnePassĀ® components and options listed for use in Canada?

    Yes. All products and options are UL listed in US and Canada.
  • I need a fixture cord drop that will carry Class I and Class II, 0-10V dimming wires to my fixture. What do I use?

    Use OCU (Unselectable fixture cord drop) with the C12S option.
  • My customer will not accept the plastic OC2 housings. What can I offer them?

    OC2 includes an ALL Metal Housing option (AMH). When ordered, the female housing will be metal.
  • I have a cooler and freezer application. What do I order?

    The OnePass® system offers the EXTREME (EXT option) for components. This option allows the system to handle demanding low and high temperature environments (-40° to 90° C).
  • I am trying to get my contractor to try RELOC. What promotions are available that can help secure future orders?

    The TEST DRIVE RELOC program is intended for first-time Reloc users only. It is available between now and August 31st and installers can try it for free!